Marty Piraino

Inducted in 1987

  • Central New York’s greatest bowler.
  • Won Four Professional Bowling Association Titles-1969-Houston, Texas/ 1970-Fresno, California; 1973-Waukeegan, Illinois.
  • One of only four professional bowlers to win this tournament at the age of over fifty.
  • 1959-60 Average 237 in 57 games on Syracuse Bowls TV show.
  • 1964 Averaged 217 for 11 undefeated matches on Utica Club TV show-won $8,250.
  • 1970 Named to All-American Team by Bowlers Journal.
  • 1971 Bowled 268 game to defeat Dave Davis-finished fourth in Firestone Tournament on network TV.
  • 1975 Won Classic Doubles with Bill Bunetta in ABC Tournament in Dayton, Ohio. One of 30 bowlers to roll 300 games in the history of tournament.
  • 1977 won New York All-Event Championship, Executive Director of the Gold Pin Centers, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of bowling.
  • Bowled 8 sanctioned 300 games plus dozens of unsanctioned 300 games.
  • Won over $93,000 in 161 tournaments over 27 years.


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