Bill Dinneen

Inducted in 1988

  • Pitched for the Syracuse Shamrocks -1890’s
  • Star player of the Watson Team, Weedsport -1895
  • Pitched for the Toronto Maple Leafs -1895-1897
  • Played for the Washington Nationals (NL) -1898-1899
  • Player of the Boston Nationals (NL) -1900-1901
  • Played for the Boston Pilgrams (AL) -1902-1906
  • Ended the World Series by striking out Pittsburgh’s Honus Wagner-1903
  • First man to win three games in a modern World Series-1903
  • Had a string of 337 consecutive innings without relief-1904
  • Pitched a no-hitter game against the White Sox -1905
  • Played for the St. Louis Browns (AL) -1907-1909
  • Completed 300 out of 389 games in his 12 seasons as a major league player
  • Dineen won 20 games for the1900 Boston Braves,but really came into his own when he jumped to the Red Sox in 1902. He had three straight seasons of 21 or more wins. The hero of the 1903 WS, he won three of four decisions. Two of his victories, including the final game, were shutouts. In 1905, he pitched a no-hitter against the White Sox. Dineen went directly from pitching in the AL to umpiring in the league. During his 29 years as an AL umpire, he worked in 45 WS games. 1909 - 1937
  • Bill Dinneen is the only Major League umpire who also pitched a no hitter. Dinneen was behind homeplate for 5 no hitters between 1910 and 1923. He threw his for the Boston Red Sox on September 27, 1905.
  • Honored at Syracuse’s first sports testimonial diner upon retirement -1938