Marquis Franklin “Bill” Horr


Born: May 2, 1880

Munnsville, NY

Died: July 1, 1955

Bill Horr was not only Syracuse University’s first football All-American, he was an Olympic track and field star.

At SU, the 6-foot, 205-pound Horr won the intercollegiate hammer in 1906 and 1907. He also won the 1908 AAU title. Also in 1908, Horr defeated the legendary Jim Thorpe in the discus throw.

Horr represented the U.S. at the 1908 London Olympic Games where he won a silver medal in the Greek Style discus throw and a bronze in the freestyle discus throw.

Horr captured more than 14 AAU track and field medals in the discus and hammer throw during his career. Horr also played football for the Orangemen and in 1908 made All-American. Horr later became a football coach including nine years at SU. Horr graduated SU’s College of Law and became an attorney for the American Liability Insurance until his retirement in 1946.

Career highlights:

1905-1908: Attended Syracuse University and played football and ran track

1906-1908: Intercollegiate and AAU track and field division champion; Won more than 14 AAU Track & Field Medals in discus and hammer throw events

1908: Defeated Jim Thorpe in discus throw; Set world mark of 142 feet 1 inches; Member of U.S. Olympic track team

1908: London Olympic Games won freestyle discus bronze medal; Greek Style discus silver medal; sixth place hammer throw; sixth place shot put

1909: Won National Championships in shot put, hammer throw and discus.

1910: Football line coach at Northwestern University

1911-1913: Football line coach at Purdue University

1914-1923: Football line coach at Syracuse University