Freida Gates

Inducted in 2001

One of the finest bowlers from the Central New York area, Freida Gates continues to set records. In 200, Freida and her husband Don bowled an amazing mixed doubles scores of 1505 in Ocala, Florida which was the highest score for the season in the state and second highest in the nation. Freida’s three-game total was 760 while Don bowled an 845.

A 1965 graduate of Le Moyne College, Freida rolled her first 600 series in 1969 as she began her bowling career in earnest. Her honors and accomplishments have been many. She has won eight Van Wie double titles. In 1984, she had the highest series (712) in the National Women’s International Bowling Congress Tournament. Though not a professional, Freida bowled in a few national pro events. In 1984 she rolled a 290-289 victory over WIBC Hall of Fame member Betty Morris, the second highest match game total in LPBT history at the time.

She has been inducted into the Syracuse Bowling Hall of Fame, the New York State Bowling Hall of Fame and the WASA Hall of Fame. She has bowled four perfect 300 games and became the first SWBA member to roll an 800 series in Baltimore, MD with an 806. At the Olympic Festival in Oklahoma City, OK in 1989, Freida captured a gold medal (doubles), silver (single) and bronze (trio). She has won numerous singles, doubles, all events, and team events titles in Syracuse.