Bob Nugent

Inducted in 2004

In nearly every aspect of today’s culture, there’s the element of crossover. Movies, music, arts, and of course, sports. The crossover athlete spanned the gap between the early days and the modern era. Our Old Timer's Committee inductee for 2004 is one of these crossover guys. He’s Bob Nugent who played basketball and baseball in Syracuse in a time frame covering three decades.

Bob Nugent was born in the Salt City in 1915. He discovered the sport of basketball at a young age and played for a time at St. John the Evangelist school. He finished his scholastic hoop career at Christian Brothers Academy where he starred on the 1932-33 team. He also played baseball for the Brothers and made first team All-City.

From 1934 to 1938, Bob played semi-pro ball baseball for the Markson team and basketball for the Hoffman Company squad.

In 1939, he joined the Syracuse Reds of the New York State Basketball League where he played two years. He continued his baseball career with the Homer Braves and played basketball for the Newark Elks. In 1941 and 42’, Bob was in the Army and continued his basketball career with the Fort Niagara US Army team.

Following World War II, Bob returned home to Syracuse and was a member of the Syracuse Stars of the old All-American Basketball League. In 1946, Danny Biasone offered Nugent a professional contract to play with the original Syracuse Nationals and he played in 32 games that year.

Bob ended his playing career making appearances with the Oneida Indians, the Utica Picks and the Geneva Raiders of the New York State League. He passed away in 1955 and has always been remembered as our community’s best crossover guy.