1967 Lafayette High School Lacrosse team

 Honored in 2006


Lacrosse, in 1967, was not the most popular high school sport; its time was yet to come. And come it did to the tiny village and high school of LaFayette. One of the most amazing group of athletes ever assembled in central New York turned out for lacrosse tryouts in February of the memorable year. Coach Gordie Ohstrom (Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame, Class of 2004), took the reins of a group of kids who were about to embark on a journey of 41 games without a loss.

Lacrosse was different back in the sixties. Kids played the game during lacrosse season only. There were no summer, fall or winter leagues. No recreation leagues, no programs that began right after toilet-training and end with the arrival of your first social security check. But Gordie's 1967 LaFayette High School gang might as well have played the game year-round. For many of those players, the Native American kids, the game was a genetic factor and those Onondagans made the nucleus of the squad. The name of Travis Cook, Al Jacques, Ron Doctor, and Ron Hill carried that team to a 16-0 season record, including Onondaga County and Upstate titles. They scored 281 goals, 185 assist. Cook, Jacques and Shaw all scored over 40 goals, and Cook, Doctor and Jacques each topped 70 points. The LaFayette defense wasn't too shabby, either, holding opponents to 3.5 goals per game.

Five Lancers went on to captain their college teams: Ron Doctor ( Syracuse University), Mark Werder ( Albany State), John Porter ( Hobart), Bob Shaw (Cornell) and Steve Wood (Army).

While the '67 LaFayette stickmen are being honored for their great season, subsequent Ohstrom-coached teams kept the streak going, extending their undefeated status to 41 games.