The Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame was established in 1987 to recognize and honor those athletes who have achieved outstanding success, and those who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of competitive sports in this community.

All of the individuals honored during the Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet are recognized as being definite role models for the families of Onondaga County. They have shown a strong dedication to their respective sports and have worked hard to reach this pinnacle of achievement. Their professionalism, values and commitment to excellence make it easier for Syracuse to develop future athletes who understand the importance of a good education and dedication to the quality of life in our community.

Criteria: In order for an individual to be nominated to the Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame, he or she must either been born in the Syracuse-Greater Onondaga County or have a long term association in this area (10 years) or be considered "home town" and commonly associated with Syracuse by the general public. He or she must also meet one of the following criteria:

1. Is or was an outstanding athlete in high school, college, amateur or professional sports.

2. Is or was a coach, manager, official or administrator who has made a significant contribution to sports.

3. Is an individual who is performing or has performed unusual or distinguished services in fostering, developing or effectively helping a sport to prosper.


To be considered for election, candidates must first be nominated. Nominations must be typewritten, mailed and/or submitted electronically on the official nomination form. Nominations must contain complete and accurate information concerning the record and merits of the candidate, and must have the consent of the nominee, or if deceased, the family.

The nomination deadline is January 1st. Please allow enough time for our historian to verify the accuracy of the nominee’s achievements before that deadline. Nominations received after the January 1st will be considered the following year. If a nominee is not chosen for a given year, their name is resubmitted as a candidate for the following year.


Feel free to include as much information about the nominee as needed with the application.



need Acrobat 3 or higher


Please download one of the above formats, print the form, fill it out and mail to:


Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame

One Tex Simone Drive
Syracuse, New York 13208